Always On The Run?
Try Something New

Always On The Run?

Are your days and nights starting to run together like a long sentence that keeps droning on and on without stopping or ending or changing pace or showing any kind of meaning in any one way or another? Are you constantly running to your phone to the conference room to the gym to your phone to the coffee shop to the dry cleaners to your phone to the office? It hurts me deeply to write run-on sentences, but I hope you see my point.

Life doesn’t feel good as a run-on sentence.


Some people say that they enjoy rushing from one thing to the next, while others say that they love doing the same things in the same ways day after day. If you like and benefit from experiencing life in these ways, then that’s great! Don’t change a thing. But if you want something different for yourself and you feel stuck, then it’s time to get some coaching.

It’s never too late to #TrySomethingNew.

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