Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?
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Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for loved-ones at home is an extremely important job. But no matter how loving and compassionate you are, caregiving can wear you down and burn you out. The weight of the responsibility, scheduling conflicts, financial drains, and the time and energy spent on caregiving itself can all become overwhelming and paint you into a corner.

If you’re feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, but you want your spouse, family member, or friend to feel comfortable and loved in your care, it’s time for a reframe.¬†Take the following steps to work toward creating a more peaceful caregiving experience and improving the care you provide:

1. Start to notice the different kinds of caregiving situations that get you feeling tense or overwhelmed. Just make note of them.

2. Observe when and how frequently these anxious moments occur for you.

3. Without ignoring these anxious feelings, just experience them without trying to make yourself feel better or worse.

4. As you gain perspective on your feelings and how they’re affecting your actions, start to discern between the daily tasks of caregiving and the person receiving your care.

5. When you begin to feel more compassion for the person in your care again and you start to see beyond the daily to-do list involved in caring for them, a wonderful thing can happen. You can actually do the little chores with more love and care. You can remember why your job is so important.

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