Feeling Guilty For Wanting Alone Time?
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Feeling Guilty For Wanting Alone Time?

What happens when you spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with any one person? Well, some of you might thrive and prefer to be attached at the hip with someone else. You may also find those relationships socially stimulating and enormously fulfilling. If that’s you, then fantastic! But I know that many of you also crave alone time and, as much as you love the wonderful people in your life, you need that time to reflect, recharge, and bring yourself back to center. That’s perfectly okay. You’re not a bad person. You’re human.

So, what happens if you’re one of those people who needs alone time, and you’re also responsible for taking care of a family member, friend, or patient who can’t leave the house and/or requires 24/7 care? It can be hard for caregivers to get that solitude in this situation, and on top of it all, many people feel guilty for wanting that time alone.

The truth is, you’re not a horrible person for wanting what helps you feel balanced. Making the time to sleep, eat, exercise, or whatever it is you do with that alone time is crucial to your own health and well-being, and it helps you provide better care later on. Ask another family member, a friend, or a trusted neighbor to come over and give you that opportunity to get some perspective. If resources allow, consider hiring another caregiver or some respite care when necessary.

You’re a special person doing a special job. Take excellent care of yourself. Your loved ones and patients will appreciate and benefit from it.

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