Finding Peace & Quiet, Pt. 2
Try Something New

Finding Peace & Quiet, Pt. 2

Last week, we introduced the topic of ‘noise’ and the challenges of living and working in environments that are full of sonic unease and distraction. However, after you minimize or come to terms with all of the external sounds in your environment, you’re still left with your many thoughts and internal dialogue, which many people also experience as ‘noise.’

Silence surrounds you.
But in your mind, it’s as noisy as ever.
Sit with it.


Once you can better distinguish between external and internal distractions, you then have an opportunity to explore the contents, tone, and language of your inner dialogue. #TrySomethingNew and listen to the way you talk to yourself.

If your surroundings are quiet but your mind continues to race wildly, get some coaching to learn a new tool or two to center yourself.

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