Finding Your Way, Pt. 3
Goal Setting

Finding Your Way, Pt. 3

So, your goals are all set? Awesome! You’ve broken the big goals down into do-able pieces? Outstanding! You’ve prioritized and scheduled your list of do-able tasks into a clear-cut daily, weekly, and monthly plan to get them done? Great job! So, what did you get done last week to work toward your big goal?

*more crickets*

Again, it’s okay! You’re on the right track. If you spent last week breaking the big projects down into manageable tasks and considering which ones need to take priority, you’ve prepared yourself to succeed more than it might seem right now.

So, what kept you from completing your tasks?
Did something else take priority?
Did you procrastinate?
Did you forget about your tasks?


Whatever it was, be honest with yourself. This process is for your own benefit, so if you breeze past a step, you’re only holding yourself back.

Take a closer look at what really prevents you from getting your work done. If you see a pattern, note it. If you can shift your behavior in a way that is helpful, try it.

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