Finding Your Way, Pt. 4
Goal Setting

Finding Your Way, Pt. 4

You did it! Setting big goals, working on them patiently bit by bit, and reaching those goals is an awesome feat. Take a moment to appreciate your effort, persistence, and a job well done. But the work isn’t over quite yet.

How satisfied are you with the outcome?
How much fulfillment have you experienced from reaching this goal?
What has reaching this goal taught you about yourself?


When I reach the end of a really good film or book, I feel like my world has changed just slightly. Whether it’s an interesting plot twist in a story or an author’s fresh perspective on carrots or whatever, I’ve learned something new or gotten insights into someone else’s point of view.

When a big goal is reached and the person who reached it feels a great sense of personal growth, it’s very likely that they’ll be extremely satisfied with the results, they’ll feel an overwhelming amount of fulfillment, and they’ll have learned plenty of insightful lessons about themselves and the world around them. All of these factors contribute to the likelihood that what you achieved will be sustainable over time and that your experiences will help you make better choices for yourself in the future.

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