Finding Peace & Quiet
Try Something New

Finding Peace & Quiet

It’s literally a ‘noisy’ world out there. Depending on where you live or work, you may experience all kinds of sounds including traffic or pedestrians passing by, or a co-worker in the opposite cubicle nervously cracking their knuckles and sighing all day. You might even have a barky dog in the neighborhood or a next door neighbor who enjoys listening to late-80s era Aerosmith at unusually loud volumes every night.

There are always sounds around you.
How will you find peace and quiet?


Whether the sounds you experience are pleasant or grating or a combination of both, you have unlimited choices in how to respond to them. You can choose to suffer through it. You can choose to allow it into your experience of the moment. You can also choose to confront the noisy person or animal. Whatever you decide to do, only you can perceive the sounds as ‘noise’ or ‘lesson’ or ‘phenomenon.’

You have options.
You are not helpless.


How are you coping with the ‘noise’ in your life? If you’ve tried to live or work through sound-rich households or workplaces on your own and you’ve had enough, it’s time to #TrySomethingNew. Get some coaching, and find some peace and quiet.

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